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Welcome to Herring Trade and Smokehouse De Groot


M. de Groot & Zn. B.V. started out as a small smokehouse and has since developed into an ultra-modern production company covering an area of 5,000 m2. Know-how and expertise have been passed down from son to son over the past 92 years, and each next generation has always embraced and implemented effective improvement and innovation. And now, in 2013 smokehouse de Groot plays a leading role, both nationally and internationally, in the smoking and processing of mackerel, herring, salmon, salmon roe and freshwater fish. The company does its utmost to meet its customers’ specific wishes regarding salting and smoking percentages, making Smokehouse de Groot the ideal partner for buying organizations and bulk consumers in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Freezer storage

Since the construction of the new premises in 2006 Smokehouse de Groot has refrigeration and freezer storage capacity with no fewer than 1200 pallet places. As a result of this abundant capacity the company is able to offer rental refrigeration and freezer facilities to third parties at competitive rates. Pallet places are available for rent, starting from … pallets. For further information or for a free quote please contact Ingrid de Groot.

Our products

Cold-smoked mackerel

  • Mackerel, head on/off
  • 3 kg cardboard boxes
  • Individually vacuum-packed

Hot-smoked mackerel

  • Mackerel, head on
  • 3 kg cardboard boxes
  • Individually vacuum-packed


  • Herring lightly brined, in tubs
  • Net tub weight : 7 kg

Smoked herring

  • Cold-smoked herring
  • 2.5 kg cardboard boxes


  • Cold-smoked sprat
  • 2 kg cardboard boxes


  • Cold-smoked capelin
  • 2 kg cardboard boxes

Salmon belly

  • Cold-smoked salmon belly
  • 3 kg cardboard boxes

Salmon karbonate

  • Cold-smoked salmon karbonate
  • 3 kg cardboard boxes

Salmon fillet

  • Cold-smoked salmon fillet
  • 5 kg cardboard boxes

Salmon roe

  • Canned pasteurized salmon roe,
    95 or 145 grams
  • frozen pasteurized salmon roe
    150, 500 and 1000 grams


  • Cold-smoked roach gutted,
    8 kg cardboard boxes
  • Dried roach,
    9 kg cardboard boxes.


  • Cold-smoked bream,
    4 kg cardboard boxes
  • Cold-smoked bream fillets,
    5 kg cardboard boxes
  • Dried bream,
    8 kg cardboard boxes

Range of frozen products

  • Redfish
  • Flatfish
  • Hake
  • Halibut


De hoogstaande kwaliteit van de producten van rokerij de Groot is gebaseerd op 3 solide pijlers: hygiëne, goede grondstoffen en vakmanschap. Zo is het bedrijf IFS, MSC- en Global GAP-gecertificeerd en wordt er gewerkt volgens de strenge hygiënenormen. Een permanente controle van het productieproces door een speciaal daarvoor aangestelde functionaris en dagelijkse controle door onafhankelijke laboratoria, staan garant voor een onberispelijke bacteriologische kwaliteit. Daarnaast werkt rokerij de Groot uitsluitend met 1e kwaliteit grondstoffen en kan het bedrijf terugvallen op 84 jaar ervaring en vakmanschap als het gaat om het roken en verwerken van vis.

All requisite certifications

Smokehouse de Groot recognizes the importance of high quality and meets all certified quality standards. These are summarized below.

Global Gap

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